“Sport on Ice” was born with the dream of a team of qualified and dedicated people to the world of sports on ice and very motivated in the business environment with the idea to create a new “meeting point” in this exciting sport.

Their main worry is the managing and controlling the ice rink installations in order to promote and get to know the different sports that you can do on an ice rink in Spain.

We consider that our project is a social attraction to promote the sport of ice hockey, curling and ice skating and short-track (speed skating), establishing a privilege place for the ice sports in Spain.

Our company also wants to give the sports accessories and clothes to incorporate completely in the world of ice. In order to achieve this we already have different lines of sport clothes and equipment for the development of this sport.


- Provide large sports installation in a medium sized city whether
it be permanent or temporary installations that gives prestige
to the city and be profitable for the city’s citzens.

- Promote children's motivation and enhance self-discipline
standards, as well as promoting work capacity and play as
a team. Also, we help to children to establish good social
policies such as equal opportunities, creating an alternative
for young people

- Provide sports installation for leisure and after school hours

- Producing a weekly program of activities to provide a public
place to have fun to do sports concept for all, and a.meeting point.

I- Introduce activities to support the development of personal skills; physical and psychic for the young people.


Sport Company has designed a structure of work with different people, framed in companies working as a department, independent of its executive work, but totally coordinated with each other and under the management and supervision of the parent company Sport on Ice in the World. These companies include young professionals highly qualified and experienced and related to the world of ice.

The operation is done from a central headquarters which is responsible for organizing and coordinating satellite installations.




The main mission of this sports installation is to establish the trajectory of global business to make all our objectives with the management, organization and strategy of the various facilities of Ice installations.

The result of the order gives us legal and financial viability of the project.

La empresa global la conforma un grupo de personas que trabajan para el crecimiento y desarrollo de la empresa.

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